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Colored Version of the Original
Black Belt Theater Logo
Black Belt Theater premiered on TV in 1981, showcasing the best in Asian kung fu films, mostly those produced by the Shaw Brothers during the mid - late '70s through the early '80s. This web site is for the fans of Asian kung-fu cinema to find information about their favorite movies. If you have a favorite kung-fu movie that you remember seeing on Black Belt Theater (BBT), maybe you can find information about it here. Most of them are out there somewhere on DVD, and I'll point you in the right direction. It's usually best to buy Hong Kong movies from Hong Kong or the UK.

Distribution company for
Shaw Brothers Movies
in the U.S.

When I sat down to watch Black Belt Theater every Saturday, the first thing I would look for when the movie came on, was whether or not it was produced by the Shaw Brothers. In the U.S. the Shaw Brothers opening logo and theme was replaced with the World-Northal logo and theme. Whenever I saw that World-Northal logo, I knew I was in for a treat. When Black Belt Theater went off the air, I realized that I should have taped all my favorite films. Other Saturday Kung-Fu Theater shows came and went, but it was never the same. Since the Shaw Brothers only released a few of their films on video, it took me years to collect all my favorite films by tracking down bootlegs from all over the world. To complicate matters, World-Northal retitled almost every film, making them harder to track down in other countries. For example, one of the most popular films in the U.S., Master Killer, is actually called 36th Chamber of Shaolin in the rest of the world. It's much easier to find the films now. See the Shaw Brothers Films & Shaw Brothers Stars section for more information, and follow the links on this web site.

Please note: This web site is not affiliated in any way with the "Black Belt Theater" series of DVDs. These DVDs are poor quality bootlegs of movies that never even aired on Black Belt Theater. That being said, if you came here looking for those DVDs, you can find them here:
"Black Belt Theater" bootlegs on Amazon

Top 10 BBT Movies

1. Super Ninjas
2. Kid with the Golden Arm
3. Five Deadly Venoms
4. Mortal Combat
5. Spearman of Death
6. Unbeatable Dragon
7. 8 Diagram Pole Fighter
8. 2 Champions of Shaolin
9. Masked Avengers
10. Master Killer

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