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Shaw Brothers Films

The Shaw Brothers studio was the main hub of activity during Hong Kong cinema's Golden Age during the 1960s. The Shaw's produced hundreds of dramas, musicals, thrillers and chivalrous swordplay films (a genre known as "wuxia pian," meaning "martial arts film"). But it would not be until the early 70s that the West suddenly began importing Hong Kong films en mass. King Boxer (aka 'Five Fingers Of Death') was the first Shaw Brothers film released in the U.S. The first Shaw film I ever saw was Five Deadly Venoms, in a movie theater in about '78. I was 8 years old then, and that film made me a kung fu movie fan for life. At the time, I thought it was the best movie I had ever seen other than Star Wars. Then Black Belt Theater hit the airwaves, and I was introduced to all of the Shaw Brothers classics.

Five Deadly Venoms
The One that made me a
Kung Fu movie fan for life

In 2000, Celestial Pictures bought almost the entire Shaw Brothers library. Finally, the vault was unlocked! They began the painstaking process of digitally remastering the films and releasing them on DVD. Almost the entire catalog has now been released, but not all of it in the U.S.

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The following article has more information on how Hollywood has screwed over the consumer with DVD REgion encoding.
DVD Region Codes - What You Need To Know

Top 10 SB Movies

1. Super Ninjas
2. Kid with the Golden Arm
3. Five Deadly Venoms
4. Mortal Combat
5. Spearman of Death
6. Unbeatable Dragon
7. 8 Diagram Pole Fighter
8. 2 Champions of Shaolin
9. Masked Avengers
10. Master Killer



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