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Shaw Brothers Stars

The Venoms

The Venoms got their nickname from their first film, Five Venoms (aka Five Deadly Venoms). You may already have this on bootleg DVD, but it's best to use the link above to purchase the only legal DVD of the film, from overseas. They were a team, appearing together in several films.
Separately, from left to right in the photo, they are:

CHIANG SHENG: He was nicknamed "cutie-pie" by fans, and he often plays the humorous, acrobatic hero. In Five Venoms he plays the student who learned a little of each style. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack in 1991.
KUO CHUI: usually the main hero. AKA The Lizard Venom. Kuo Chui later became a director as well as actor. I last saw him in the John Woo movie Hard Boiled.
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LU FENG: AKA The Centipede Venom. He often was the villain in the films while the others played heroes.
WEI PEI: The Snake Venom. He isn't in nearly as many films as the others, and is sometimes thought of as the forgotten Venom.

SUN CHIEN: The Kicker. AKA The Scorpion Venom.
LO MANG: The big, muscular guy. AKA The Toad Venom.
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Top 10 Venom Movies

1. Kid with the Golden Arm
2. Five Deadly Venoms
3. Mortal Combat
4. Spearman of Death
5. Unbeatable Dragon
6. 2 Champions of Shaolin
7. Masked Avengers
8. Destoyers
9. Killer Army
10. Avenging Warriors of


Gordon Liu (Liu Chia-hui or Lau Kar-Fai)

Gordon Liu is the adopted brother of the Shaw Brothers director Liu Chia-liang (Lau Kar-Leung). He is almost always playing a bald-headed monk of some sort. His martial arts ability is spectacular, and he's just a generally likable guy. He is best known for being the 'Master Killer'. Master Killer (AKA 36th Chamber of Shaolin) is probably the most well-known and successful martial arts film outside of Asia, excluding Bruce Lee's films. He often appeared in films directed by his brother, and these remain some of the best kung-fu films ever made. More recently, Quentin Tarantino hired him for separate roles in Kill Bill Voume 1 & Volume 2.
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Top 10 Gordon Liu Movies

1. 8 Diagram Pole Fighter
2. Master Killer
3. Challenge of the Ninja
4. Legendary Weapons
5. Fist of the White Lotus
6. Return of Master Killer
7. Dirty Ho
8. Treasure Hunters
9. Instructors of Death
10. Crazy Shaolin Disciples

Alexander Fu Sheng

Fu Sheng was one of the first graduates of the Shaw Brothers on-studio training school and he became one of the biggest, most well-loved stars to ever work at the studio. Fu Sheng was a great acrobat and martial artist who worked under both of the studios greatest directors--Chang Cheh and Liu Chia-Liang. He suffered an accident during filming that broke both his legs, but he was able to return to the screen in full splendor. However, in 1983 he was killed in a car wreck during the filming of 8 Diagram Pole Fighter. That's probably why he's absent from the final fight scenes. Sorely missed, Fu Sheng is one of brightest kung-fu stars ever to shine. He was 29 when he died.

Top 10 Fu Sheng Movies

1. 8 Diagram Pole Fighter
2. Legendary Weapons
3. Avenging Eagle
4. Five Masters of Death
5. Four Assassins
6. Treasure Hunters
7. Chinatown Kid
8. Shaolin Martial Arts
9. Heroes Two
10. Disciples of Death

Ti Lung

In 1969, Ti was discovered by Shaw Brothers director, Chang Cheh who cast him opposite Jimmy Wang Yu in Return of the One-Armed Swordsman. Ti had already developed a sound schooling in the martial arts of Wing Chun under the tutelage of Master Chu Wan. The studio further trained the up-and-coming star in other skills such as acting, swordplay and stunt work. But it was Ti's heroic looks and dashing performances that earned him the lead in dozens of subsequent films at the studio.

Top 10 Ti Lung Movies

1. Avenging Eagle
2. Blood Brothers
3. Five Masters of Death
4. Death Chamber
5. Kung Fu Instructor
6. Iron Chain Fighter
7. Duel of the Iron Fist
8. Opium & Kung Fu Master
9. Savage Five
10. Death Mask of the Ninja


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